Lew Level Light Therapy – Does it really work?


Lew Level Light Therapy - Does it really work?

Blog by Guest Contributor Bradley


It’s a term we hear thrown around a lot and it seems we can’t turn a corner without finding another new gadget promising rejuvenation using red lighting, but why is that? Does it even do anything? Also, why are the lights always red?

Hair loss solutions come in a variety of forms, one message for those looking to ‘hold onto’ their natural hair or stimulate growth in thinning areas is that of reinforced treatments and on-going treatment plans.

Low Level Light Therapy, for example, aims to kickstart growth and stimulate healthy hair but the need for regular clinic visits to facilitate this can become difficult to maintain within our hectic schedules. This is where the gadgets come into play! A home care solution to compliment and in some cases replace or reduce the need for clinic sessions can be of real benefit on the road to successful results.

Certain that at-home gadgets would not be something favoured by those working in clinical environments, I asked specialist, Emma, from the Aderans Hair Centre how specialists really felt about these products.

“We love to see our clients here at Aderans Hair Centre and often find that due to the nature of our services we get to know each other well.  We always encourage ongoing treatment plans with regular clinic sessions, however in most cases the work we do in clinic will always benefit from more regular treatment. So, whether you are looking to try something new at home or would like to boost your clinic treatments there are some fantastic homecare solutions to use in between visits which we’re all for!”

Emma took the time to showcase her favourite at home tool, the HairMax. “It’s a lightweight, comfortable, and portable device that clients absolutely loved during the lockdowns of the past two years”

The huge selling point of the home care HairMax band is that this ongoing application is effortless, convenient, and cost effective.

Here are some key take homes:

  • •             Provides therapeutic light energy to stimulate, revive and restore
  • •             82 Medical grade lasers (No LEDs)
  • •             246 lasers for full scalp coverage when moved over 3 areas – Front, Middle and Back
  • •             Fast efficient treatment time – as little as 90 sec, 3 days a week
  • •             Flexible band design for a comfortable treatment
  • •             Soft touch patented hair parting teeth to deliver light energy through the hair directly to the scalp
  • •             Cordless & lightweight

But does it work and again, what is the science behind light treatment?

“We get this question all the time, believe me!” Emma laughs. “The basic answer is that the focused laser light stimulates weak hair follicles to encourage hair growth. Laser treatment is a non-invasive, painless alternative to medication and other aesthetic hair loss solutions. The treatment essentially increases delivery of oxygen & nutrients to the follicle to help energize and awaken weakened or dormant hair follicles and to help re-balance and restore the natural growth cycle”.

The lights are always red because they need to be, with other colours in the spectrum not offering the ideal wavelength to treat issues at a cellular level in comparison. Red light helps to promote blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin. This helps to create the perfect environment for follicles to prosper.

So, there you have it, there is a reason why these products are so popular and why they’re even promoted by those working in clinics.

For more information on the HairMax talk to a member of our team in one of our branches today.

Keep an eye for more blogs coming soon on our other solutions such as the Hair Spa, ESR Roller and our Mediceutical product range.

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