Semi-permanent Eyebrow Pigmentation

Say goodbye to your time-consuming eyebrow routine

Wake Up With Your Eyebrows Done

Save time every day with not having to apply brows or make-up

Live An Active Life Without Worry

You can swim, exercise, shower etc and you’ll always have the perfect brows

Give Definition Back To Your Face

Allow expression and definition back to your look

Short-Term Investment For Long-Term Gain

This minimally invasive treatment can give you over a year of full brows

So, What do we offer?

We offer eyebrow micropigmentation, which is semi-permanent make-up.
Eyebrow micropigmentation is the process of implanting semi-permanent medical grade pigment into the skin to either replicate / mimic missing hair or give the illusion of a fuller thicker brow.
We use a digital micropigmentation device to implant the pigment, not a blade or a tattoo gun.  The reason for this is, it is a device that is made specifically for micropigmentation and working on the face. In comparison to a tattoo machine, it has less force (or stroke length) and allows complete versatility for the range of eyebrow treatments available.

Booking & Pricing

How does it work?

A treatment plan consists of a consultation and an average of two treatment sessions spaced approx 4/6 weeks apart.

Your Journey will be as follows:

Initial Consultation & Patch Test

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The consult is the opportunity to find out all about the treatment and discuss your own personal requirements.  Every brow treatment is bespoke to individual needs. We would also complete a medical history questionnaire at this stage to ensure we discuss any contraindications and information about healing and aftercare

Treatment Appointment

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Initial design, colour choice and first treatment
We’re a firm believer of ‘less is more’ to achieve a natural brow and so we will always be more conservative with colour choice as we can build depth in the second treatment session.  The shape and style of the brow is always a mutual decision between our professionals and the client, we use the face shape to create the brow in line with the clients’ facial features and we tweak it to suit them.

Secondary Assess Treatment

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To ensure we are providing the exact desired look for the client we will have a follow up treatment. This is where we will assess retention and colour fade of the pigment and re-treat the brows. Once the required result is achieved the client will need one-off colour boost appointments usually every 12-18 months.


Will it hurt?

We use a numbing cream for comfort of the client during treatment.  It’s not a painful procedure, is often described as scratchy and so no need for clients to worry. 

Will I be able to choose the shape?

Yes, every brow treatment is bespoke to individual needs and we can then ascertain the best type of brow along with giving full advice on aftercare etc

Will I be able to choose the colour?

Yes, Every brow treatment is bespoke to individual needs and we use a digital device that offers complete versatility and precision.

How long will it take?

This appointment usually takes approx. 2 hours to cover design and first treatment session. Your second appointment to retreat the brows takes aprox. 1 and half hours.

How long does it last?

Once the required result is achieved the client will need colour boost one-off appointments, usually every 12-18 months.

How does it last over time?

The pigment fades in the skin over time, getting lighter and lighter. 

Booking & Pricing

We cater our service to each clients needs with a standard price from £200 per session with a full treatment usually taking 2-3 sessions

Currently this service is available in our London, Hove & Birmingham Salons

Please select our Semi-Permanent Make Up service when booking