What we offer.

With our expertise and understanding of our customers no matter what hair loss challenges you face, we are there to guide you every step of the way to a better wellbeing. That is why we are the Total Hair Solution company.

What we offer.


During a consultation we want to find out more about you, your lifestyle and hair loss requirements. Our consultant will then show you what we can do and with our help, guide you to make the right choice that is suitable for you.


With our specialist treatment programs we aim to strengthen hair, prevent further breakage, reduce hair loss, prevent dandruff, exfoliate, add volume, cleanse and re-balance the scalp, so you can have those good hair days back again.

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Eyebrow micropigmentation is the process of implanting semi-permanent medical grade pigment into the skin to either replicate / mimic missing hair or give the illusion of a fuller thicker brow.




Scalp Micro Pigmentation, also known as SMP, is an innovative and non-invasive treatment by which natural pigment is inserted into the scalp in order to recreate the natural appearance of hair regrowth or strands of hair.


We take great pride in providing you with the highest quality hair replacement system which is undetectable, natural looking and customised to fit your specific and personal preferences. These products are non-surgical, non-invasive and exclusive.

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