Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Women with heavy periods or not eating enough iron-rich foods may be prone to iron deficiency, in which the blood does not have enough red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen to cells throughout your body, giving you the energy you need. Iron deficiency anaemia causes extreme fatigue, weakness and pale skin. You may also notice headaches, difficulty concentrating, cold hands and feet and hair loss.


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During a hair loss consultation (which we never charge for) our hair loss consultant will get to know you and your hair loss challenges first before showing you the best option available to solve your specific hair loss requirements. Please refer to our consultation process to find out more.



Aderans Hair Solutions

Depending on your level of hair loss Aderans can either provide you with non-medical treatments that may prevent further hair loss; procedures that replicates hair follicles using the latest techniques for an instant hair loss solution to non-surgical hair replacement systems that can disguise existing hair loss.

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