Hair Loss in Young Men

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Hair Loss in Young Men

Blog by Guest Contributor, Aderans Hair Centre Trichologist Elizabeth

It’s a question that I get asked a lot by worried teens, or their Mum’s, and gents in their early 20’s.

So, let’s start at the beginning and try to explain the why’s and wherefores of this hair loss condition.

Although there are numerous reasons a young man can lose his hair, the number one reason is genetics’.

So, you can thank your parents for this little gift!

Up to 20% of young men in their 20’s will show signs of hair loss, but this may have begun in their teens. When puberty hits your hormones go into overdrive and your testosterone levels increase. Testosterone is the hormone that turns the boy into a man. Unfortunately, this is the hormone that also can cause male pattern hair loss.

When testosterone combines with the enzyme 5a – Reductase, it forms Dyhrotestosterone, DHT.

DHT attaches itself to the receptors at the base of the follicle blocking the passage for nutrients and energy. The result of this is that the hair grows slower, finer, and thinner. Ultimately, not producing hair at all.

This sequence follows a distinct pattern, hence the name male pattern hair loss, MPHL. These losses are measured by the Hamilton-Norton scale

Level 1. No significant recession of the hairline

Level 2. Slight recession of the hair line around the temples.

Level 3. Deep recession around the hairline and temporal areas. Forming a M, U or V shape.

Level 4. Severe hair loss appears to the top of the head, the vertex.

Level 5. The middle band of hair starts to fall, and the vertex and temporal area join.

Level 6. Only very fine hair remains on the top of the head.

Level 7. The top of the head is completely hair less and forms a wreath around the sides and back of the head. The Hippocratic wreath.

This condition is progressive, but the speed of this progression can vary for each individual.

It can take between 15-20 years for the full effects of DHT to be felt but for an unlucky few it can be as quick as 5 years.

What can you do?

There is no cure for hair loss but there are treatments that can slow the process down and, in some cases, rejuvenate the follicle to produce hair again.

Aderans Hair Centre use Mediceuticals products that are proven to inhibit the effects of DHT on the hair follicle. The products are dermalogically tested to combat hair loss and thinning hair. Keeping the scalp in tip top condition to give the follicle its best chance of growing stronger thicker hair.

Bioclenz for normal hair and scalp

Hydroclenz for dry hair and scalp.

These shampoos detox the scalp of DHT, increase the blood flow for better up take of nutrients, and actively stimulates new hair growth.

Numinox stimulates and revitalises the hair follicle and scalp by increase blood and blocking DHT.

Low level light therapy can also stimulate hair growth in a noninvasive treatment with no side effects.

Aderans Hair Spa massages the scalp and delivers LED lights. As it can be used in water great way to wash your hair in the shower.

Make your hair care ritual easy and perform it often.

What can I do at home to help with MPHL?

Look at what you’re eating. Is it a balanced diet of all the food groups with plenty of fruit and vegetables? If the answer to that question is no, start to improve what you are eating. Adding some dark green veg to each meal or a piece of fruit can make a huge difference. If, however you’re not keen try making a smoothie in the morning and getting your five a day in one hit.

Follow a good hair and scalp routine keeping both in optimum condition for hair growth.

Performing a cold-water massage at each shampoo will increase the blood flow to the scalp.

Try and limit any stress you may be suffering. Talking, walking, and playing are great ways to destress. Take 5 and relax.

Give up smoking, it restricts the oxygen in the blood stream and hair needs oxygen to live, like us all.

Moderate your alcohol intake, follow each drink with a water chaser. Your liver will thank you also.

If you hate what you’re looking at in the mirror, ask your barber for some styling suggestions to make you feel more confident. Believe me, you won’t be the first to ask what can be done to disguise a thinning area.

Most importantly the sooner you start to combat DHT the more hair you will retain.

There may be other reasons for your hair loss, so it is advisable to see a Trichologist to get a diagnosis and address the issue. Sitting indoors worrying about your hair won’t improve the situation at all, so act now and face the future with more hair.


Elizabeth x