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Hair Systems Explained: Get the hair you want

Blog by Guest Contributor, Aderans Hair Centre Stylist Vicki-Jane

Throughout the year we see our fair share of TV, film and theatre clients here at Aderans, all looking to change their looks completely for an upcoming role, but day to day, my job here is to fit and style regular people into custom made hair pieces to help them feel good in themselves and manager their hair loss.

I see hundreds of people walk through our doors, some that I recognise and other who have never stepped foot into a Hair Loss clinic before. This might be their very first experience within the world of hair replacement, and the unknown factor can be a very scary thought.

Having been a hair stylist for 17 years, travelling to numerous countries for work, and having seen thousands upon thousands of heads, believe me when I say that with experience and knowledge, you can absolutely achieve the hair that you want! With our expert advice, and non-judgemental policy, we aim to put you completely at ease.


Like Dan, within our new film, a thorough consultation is given. Its all about what you want out of your hair, the time and ability you have to style it. Your lifestyle. Once this is established, I can recommend the most suitable product for you. For short hair I mostly recommend Cyber or V-Hair, this is due to the natural movement of this beautiful fibre. You are able to heat style, without the fade in colour experienced when working with human hair pieces that will fade quite quickly.


This product is amazing for hair with grey in it, again as the colour stays true for the duration of its life. It also doesn’t shed much at all, meaning the life of your piece will be enhanced.

Most of my customers with shorter hairstyles wear Cyber or V-Hair. For this reason, I jumped at the chance to be a part of this film.


We met on a somewhat breezy Autumnal day back at the end of last year, I had met Dan already of course and we had already gone through his consultation process in full. He was happy with Cyber & V-Hair – perfect! We had discussed the sort of style he would want, and I learned all about his lifestyle, all that was left to do was attach the piece under the heat of all the bright lights and the gaze of the crew working on the video.


After finishing my final client for the day, I stepped into the room a little nervous to begin with, before seeing Dan’s familiar face and talking with the team about how things would run. We had already discussed our ideas for visually what we wanted to achieve and of course I knew what we were doing with the hair but its still an unfamiliar pressure being watched when all our customers are given such a discrete one-on-one service every day.


Fast forward to around 3 hours later we were done. Hearing the words “it’s a wrap” and seeing everyone gathered around a small camera screen talking about how incredibly different Dan now looked reminded me of exactly why I do what I do. It changes people’s lives and they’re so grateful for it, they do not need to say it you can just see their confidence improve instantaneously.


For me the best part of learning about Aderans Hair Replacement systems has been discovering the alternative options to human hair; they’re just so amazing to work with – better in most cases! My customers would also agree!


I really love my job and helping people to feel, and their best is something I strive for every time. I hope that passion comes across in the video, I was truly in the zone!


Take a look at what we can do for you, and take care,


Vicki-Jane x